About Us

We are a Sheffield based company. We do all of the repair work here in our office.

Most repair business’s don’t do hardware repairs in house, instead they send it out to be fixed which means you’re paying extra, here at Sheffield mac repairs, we do all software and hardware repairs in house by our head technician. If you did use another service where you had issue’s which they needed to be sent off to resolve, there is a very good chance that we are the company it would be sent off to. Our technician has been called the very best when it comes to repairing apple products by rival companies and even universities.  We have even been able to repair machines which other company’s have attempted to repair and failed. We guarantee to beat any genuine quote from another company who uses genuine apple parts as we only use genuine apple parts to repair your products.

We admit that we don’t have the best looking or most interactive website. But thats not not what is important here. What we do have is the best technician for repairing apple products and at a price you can afford. We also don’t mean kind of the best. We mean the best.

An example of this is a logic board repair. Another repair company within South Yorkshire would charge you £450 for this repair. For the exact same job, we only charge £150 giving you a saving of £300! How is this possible you might ask. The repair company gives us the job to repair the logic board, we charge them £150 for doing the job then they put an extra £300 on top just for being the middle man. So we decided that it’s time that we cut out the middle man and give the service and price directly to you.